Stock control software for bonded warehouses and distributors.

A distribution truck

What's it for?

Infotop D2000 is a multi-user application software package designed to support the task of managing a distribution and warehousing organisation.

Multi most things!

D2000 is a multi-company, multi-currency multi-user multi-warehouse multi-proprietor product. Because of the way it is written all transactions are recorded and the system updated as each entry is made. The ledgers are date driven which is jargon for saying that you don't have to close one period before you can start posting items to another.

Many of the features we have described are selected by you to suit the way you like to work. However you decide to set up D2000 it will provide you with the control and management information to reduce mistakes and save you time and money.


D2000 is built in six major product modules which combine to form a powerful complete multi-company business system. These are:

Core modules

  • Stock Control
  • Sales Order Processing and Invoicing
  • Purchase Order Processing


  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger


Each of these modules can be installed separately so we are able to tailor each implementation to suit the exact needs of each user.

Each module is a powerful product in its own right giving its' users control and flexibility. As they are combined the modules form a comprehensive business management system which enables directors and management to assert a high degree of control over day-to-day operations.