Stock control software for bonded warehouses and distributors.

Sales Ledger

The Sales Ledger is a powerful and flexible module which can provide multi-company and multi-currency accounting. Using the Sales Ledger Control file, you are able to decide for yourself which of the many features available you would like to use within your own company's system. These features include:

  • Open item or period accounts
  • 12 or 13 period years
  • User-defined transactions
  • User-defined open days after period end
  • Statements monthly, on invoice or n days after period (user defined)
  • Highly-flexible credit control
  • Late payment lists and standard letters
  • Four-period aged debt listing (user-defined period durations)
  • Discounts can be protected from operator amendment
  • Every transaction is validated for 'uniqueness'
  • User-defined aged debt reporting
  • Manual invoices and manual credit notes
  • All transactions kept although deleted from display and customer view
  • Date driven - no need to close any period before posting to any other
  • Automatic link to the sales order processing module
  • Automatic update to nominal ledger (user defined)
  • Ledger search - user can search for any amount (e.g. £3923.78p)
  • Invoice in Euros, US Dollars, etc

Purchase Ledger

The purchase ledger module can be installed separately or as part of a powerful warehouse management system. It shares (where appropriate) all the powerful features of the Sales Ledger except in 'reverse' for purchasing.

Rather than repeat the features it has in common with the sales ledger, we will content ourselves with highlighting the major variations:

  • Four-period aged creditor listing
  • Recommended payment lists
  • Flexible cheque and remittance advice printing
  • Automatic link to purchase order processing module
  • Automatic update to nominal ledger (user defined)
  • Remittance advice monthly; periodic; on invoice; or on demand

Nominal Ledger

Although capable of being operated as a stand-alone ledger if required, the Nominal Ledger module comes into its own when integrated to the Sales and Purchase Ledgers. The module has all the features you would expect to find in any first-class system.

  • There are 10 user-defined levels of coding for report aggregation
  • User-defined posting and non-posting accounts (departmental subtotals)
  • Date driven for period posting
  • Accrual accounting as standard
  • Two sets of budget figures held as required
  • Budget set and update by user (by %, by periods, by range or indiv)
  • Holds two references for each transaction (e.g. order no & inv no)
  • Clearly laid-out reports (trial balance, budget variance etc)
  • User-defined signs (+/- cr/dr () {} [])