Stock control software for bonded warehouses and distributors.

Stock Control

At the heart of D2000, the stock control package is designed for warehouses which handle:

Item Goods such as

  • Tools and Machine Parts
  • Clothing

or Case Goods such as

  • Beers Wines and Spirits
  • Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes
  • Perfumes and Toilet Waters

The main features are :

  • Multiple warehouses and multiple locations within warehouses
  • Full stock history
  • Gross weights held for logistical use
  • Picking and stock checking lists available on demand
  • Stock valuation
  • Stock day book
  • Stock shortage report
  • Sophisticated stock reports by suppliers and product groups

D2000's stock control software offers you full control and security over all aspects of the area within your company which absorbs so much of your working capital. It reinforces good housekeeping practices leading to more cost- effective use of your assets.

Sales Order Processing

The D2000 Sales Order Processing software give you an enormous range of control over all aspects of the customer order and despatch cycle. Customer service expectations grow ever more demanding whilst careful control over sales margins is essential. D2000 exceeds all these expectations and provides you with clear and complete information over profit performance at all levels.

When used in conjunction with our Sales Ledger module, D2000 provides unsurpassed levels of information and control in an easy-to-use format.

  • Stock held as free or allocated
  • Back ordering
  • Schedule orders
  • Full or part deliveries depending on customer (user defined)
  • Flexible user-defined links to credit control (warnings, stops)
  • Quotations and frequent order displays
  • Automatic or manual stock allocation
  • Analysis by salesman, area, customer group, customer, supplier
  • Analysis by product, product group
  • User-defined refunds (credit note or goods)
  • User-defined delivery invoicing and statements addresses (HQ, Depot)
  • User-defined delivery charges
  • User-defined special delivery address
  • User-defined individual minimum profit % for each customer
  • Up-to-date gross profit YTD by customer
  • User-defined text (message area) on delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and statements
  • Automatic update of nominal ledger (user selected)
  • Pro-forma invoices and credit notes
  • Invoice in Euros, US Dollars, etc

You are able to offer promotions and/or discounts in a variety of combinations:

  • By product or product group
  • By customer or customer-group
  • For a given time period
  • For exceed an order value or volume
  • Discount can be cash or more goods

Purchase Orders

As with our sales order processing module, D2000 will enable you to store purchase orders on the system and then on goods receipt, to automatically post the invoice to the purchase ledger whilst updating relevant stock levels.

  • Recommended orders report with options for auto generation of these orders
  • Purchase order print
  • Purchase order enquiry
  • Stock availability
  • Goods received
  • Invoice matching and automatic posting (user defined)
  • Outstanding purchase orders report
  • Purchase history analysis
  • User defined text (message area) on purchase orders, remittance advice